Consealed drop down seal GF-B17

Consealed drop down seal GF-B17

Product Advantage;

1)  Super silent concept, specially for silent door.

2)  The humanized design plunger, no matter how short it is exposed, easy to pull out and adjust.

3)  The better mute performance ;  the lifting mechanism won’t make a sound while using.

4)  Cladding type lifting mechanism, better soundproof and sealing performance. D type sealing strip without wings can also be selected to cleanroom, operating room and other environmental requirements.

5)  Internal four-bar linkage mechanism, flexible movement, stable structure, stronger anti – wind pressure.

6)  Diversified installation, brackets installation,  also can extracted  the lifting mechanism to install on the top of door bottom.

7)  Internal case can be draw out as a whole, convenient to install and maintenance.

8)  Optional anti-dispute button component, the main body can be installed in advance, but can not be used normally, after the end of the project or the elimination of the dispute, can be directly inserted into the button component, normal adjustment use. Simple and convenient.

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Product Description

GF-B17 Consealed drop down seal, four-bar linkage mechanism, suitable for doors with slots in the door leaf. During installation, a 30mm*15mm through slot is required to be processed at the bottom of the door, and the product is placed in it, and the cover plates and seals at both ends are fixed with screws. The use of this product does not affect the overall style of the door.

• Length:330mm-1500mm

• Sealing gap:3mm-15mm

• Finish:Anodized silver

• Fixing:With stainless steel bracket. bracket.With pre-mounted screws under the seal, and the standard screws are equipped with hanging plate.

• Plunger optional:Nylon plunger, wedge plunger

• Seal:Silicon rubber seal, gray.colour


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