Fire rated drop down seal

  • Fire Rated Drop Down Seal GF-B09

    Fire Rated Drop Down Seal GF-B09

    Product Advantage;

    1)  Soft and hard co-extrusion adhesive strip is easy to install and not easy to fall off.

    2)  The cooper plunger can be automatically locked after adjustment, not easy to loose, durable and stable sealing effect.

    3)  Internal case can draw out as a whole, convenient to install and maintenance.

    4)  Optional for brackets installation or top installation.

    5)  The top installation is convenient and diversified,  extract the whole lifting mechanism to install, or only extract sealing strip to install.

    6)  Internal four-bar linkage mechanism, flexible movement, stable structure, stronger anti – wind pressure.


  • Fire rated drop down seal GF-B03FR

    Fire rated drop down seal GF-B03FR

    Product Advantage;

    1)  Consealed type, easily install with end cover plate or both bottom wings.

    2)  Unique design, M type spring with reinforced nylon structure, stable performance.

    3)  Nylon or copper plunger is available depending on the whole style of the door.

    4)  Silicone rubber sealing , high temperature resistance, aging resistance.

    5)  Intumescent fire strips are added on the bottom wings of both sides of B03, which can be used for fire door installation.