Drop down seal for glassing door GF-B15

Drop down seal for glassing door GF-B15

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GF-B15 The exterior-mounted drop down seal is suitable for post-repair projects. If the door has been installed in place, it needs to add sound insulation, temperature insulation, dust prevention and other functions. It is simple and convenient to install on the surface of the door bottom; the appearance is beautiful.

• Length:380mm-1500mm

• Sealing gap:3mm-15mm

• Finish:Anodized silver

• Fixing:RRemove the aluminum alloy decorative cover, install it with screws, and then cover it

• Plunger optional:Copper plunger, nylon plunger, universal plunger, standard configuration end cover plate

• Seal:Co-extruded PVC seal, black


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