The upgrade of ‘Gallford’ Fire Seal Process

“Gallford” Rigid Fire Seal Production Process upgrade

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Developing process


Advantage / Disadvantage

1st Generation

Extrude core & case separately, thread the core and put adhesive tape manually.

Tolerance is so difficult to control that easily lose the core.

Many procedures cause the surface of case to be demaged.

Punch the point at on side of case, in order to hold core tightly.

Cause the case deformation

Produce core, case, pile or flipper separately,   

Threading the core and pile and flipper manually

Tolerance is so difficult to control that easily lose the core.

The pile and flipper easy to pull out.

2nd Generation

The core and case are co-extruded at one time.

Does not fall off

3th Generation

Put adhesive tape automatically.

Neat and efficient

4th Generation

Threading pile automatically.

The pile easy to pull out sometimes.

5th Generation

Upgrade of threading pile.

Pile does not pull out by strength at length of 150mm.

6th Generation

The core ,case and flipper are triple-extruded at one time.

The core and flipper do not fall off

7th Generation

Upgrade of flipper for thinner & tearing resistance.

Thin flipper (0.4mm) cannot be torn

8th Generation

Laser printing logo and production batch numbers automatically

Print logo and production batch numbers for customer.

Post time: Nov-29-2023