The role of fireproof seals!

This type of product is mainly used between the door leaf and door frame, door leaf and door leaf of steel doors and wooden doors. As it is now in the period of high fire incidence, when a fire occurs, the fire expansion seal will automatically expand to block the gap between the door and block the two. The air circulation between the spaces can effectively prevent the danger of smoke, toxic gas and hot air to the human body in the early stage of the fire and control the spread of the fire. When using, the sealing strip can be glued to the groove of the fire door seam (It has been pasted with self-adhesive), and it can also be fixed in the groove of the fire door with small nails. The application of this product has replaced the asbestos rope used in the gap of the domestic fire door before, and fixed the fire extinguishing system and fire-resistant components. After testing by the Quality Supervision Department, all the indicators are qualified. When the smoke bar is heated, it can rapidly expand and close the gaps of doors and windows, preventing smoke and heat from entering, and ensuring normal human life. Loss reduction plays an important role.
It is conceivable that the fireproof sealing strip is so useful that it can effectively isolate the fire, and it is used in the production of many aluminum alloy doors and windows. Because a home can rest assured that it is guarded by aluminum alloy doors and windows. Your home decoration must be for peace of mind, and you must consider buying a fire-resistant sealant.

Post time: Jul-28-2022