School season campus fire safety knowledge!

1. Do not bring fire and flammable and explosive materials into the campus;

2. Do not pull, pull or connect wires without permission;

3. Do not illegally use high-power electrical equipment such as fast heating and hair dryers in classrooms, dormitories, etc.;

4. Do not smoke or throw cigarette butts;

5. Do not burn paper on campus and use an open flame;

6. Remember to turn off the power when leaving classrooms, dormitories, laboratories, etc.;

7. Do not stack tables, chairs, sundries, etc. in evacuation passages (walkways, stairwells) and safety exits;

8. Do not misappropriate or damage fire extinguishers, hydrants and other fire-fighting facilities and equipment on campus;

9. If you find a fire hazard or a fire hazard, please report it to the teacher in time. If you “quietly” bring your mobile phone or phone watch into the campus, then quickly dial “119″!

Post time: Aug-05-2022